A Varsovie, l’extrême droite européenne fait un pas de plus vers l’alliance

Marine Le Pen with Viktor Orban last October in Hungary.

TheAn alliance is definitely on its way. Saturday 4th December, all thatEurope Sovereign, conservative or far-right parties gathered in Warsaw, Poland. The aim of this unprecedented large intrusion: to unify the necessary conditions for a future alliance between all parties assembled in European Parliament. This Polish meeting is the second phase of the union process that began last July, when the 15 parties involved signed a podium in favor of a grand rally.

Marine Le PenThe representative of the National Rally in Warsaw told reporters that these political parties are participating in this meeting, which aims to create “this big group” in the European Parliament where it is currently divided into two different groups. “We can optimistically envision in the coming months an outlet if you want this political force” which, if it emerges, “would be the second force within the European Parliament,” said the presidential candidate. France next April.

Next to Marine Le Pen Italian Serie A leader Matteo Salvini (but absent in Warsaw), the signatories of the July declaration were Hungarian Prime Minister and President Fidesz Viktor Orban, PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski, and Vox President of Spain Santiago Abascal, et la cheffe de Fratelli d’ItaliaGiorgia Meloni, awaited in Persia […] read more

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