Antony McManus won $1 million on Millionaire Hot Seat for getting this question right

Anthony McManus from Melbourne won $1 million in a special episode of Hot Millionaire Seat.

He is the second person ever to win $1 million on the popular Channel 9 quiz show. Watch the moment above.

The million dollar question Anthony had to answer was:

Which of these classic literary works was published first?

a: Count of Monte Cristo
NS: Tale of Two Cities
NS: war and peace
Dr: Les Miserables

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Anthony correctly answered: Count of Monte Cristo By Alexandre Dumas, published 1844.

Hot Millionaire Seat
Anthony explained his reasoning for the million dollar question. (nine)

“I tried to arrange it in the order I thought, backwards,” he told host Eddie McGuire, admitting he had no idea when. Count of Monte Cristo has been published. But he quickly destroyed it war and peace.

Originally, Anthony’s Million Dollar Question was different. First asked:

How many Australian Prime Ministers were members of the Queensland electorate?

A: 1
B: 2
A: 3
D: 4

For $1,000, he was given the option to switch the question as one of his lifelines, an opportunity he seized that clearly paid off. He told Eddie that he would have chosen C:3, which would have forfeited the money he had won.

Hot Millionaire Seat
Thanks to Lifeline, Anthony was able to switch his million dollar question. (nine)

“I know it’s a cliché, but it’s a win Hot Millionaire Seat You have completely changed my life. I thought I’d rent forever but now I’ve bought a nice apartment and paid for it in cash! Now I can stop worrying about the future of my husband, Ron, and me. I am so grateful that the stars lined up that day. I had to score a lot to win, and it worked. “It’s still hard to believe,” said Anthony, a LGBTQIA+ activist and lover of theater and the arts.

“I’d like to thank Eddie McGuire and everyone at Nine who has supported me and been great throughout this experience. I encourage everyone to try it out and apply for the show. If it happens to me, it might happen to you too.”

Anthony had a constant dream Hot Millionaire Seat. His luck began when he won Fastest Finger First and earned $1,000 to go up his sleeve for a potential lifeline.

He then answered five questions correctly to win the first prize in Australian television.

Who wants to be a millionaire? And Hot Millionaire Seat They have donated a whopping total of $87,098,000 over the past 21 years.

Performance audits for 2022 are now open. visit To register for your chance to be the next contestant to win a million dollars.

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