Boots owner ‘weighing up’ potential £5bn sale

parent company of shoes He is said to be looking at bringing the UK’s chain of chemists to market next year for an estimated £5 billion.

Walgreen Boots Alliance (WBA), the US health group that has own a share At Boots since 2012, advisors from Goldman Sachs are lining up to consider a potential sale next year, according to Sky News.

A possible listing could be considered for the Nottingham retailer and drugstore, which has more than 2,000 outlets and employs around 55,000 people, as well as a private sale, for a possible listing.

The WBA said it would not comment on “market speculation” and that shoes He was an “important part of the group”.

However, the company said in a statement: “It is true that the IBF announced a renewed set of priorities and strategic direction for the group in October, which includes a more specific focus on North America and healthcare.

And, as was emphasized during the recent WBA Investor Conference, the group remains extremely pleased with the performance of Boots and the international division as a whole.

In line with the group’s long-term healthcare strategy, Boots UK continues to expand its healthcare offering. In addition to, It continues to grow above expectations as sales more than doubled compared to pre-pandemic levels.”

Speculation about a potential sale of Boots has risen in recent months due to its new business focus and the $6.5 billion (£4.4 billion) sale of its European distribution arm, Alliance Healthcare, in June of this year to AmerisourceBergen.

The Boots Company, founded by Quaker John Boot in 1849, joined Alliance Unichem in 2006, handing control over to Italian billionaire Stefano Pesina. Then the famous dealmaker made an even bigger merger with the WBA, where he is currently the chairman of the board.

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