BORDER BAN looms as SA sweats over Omicron cases in NSW

South Australian Police Commissioner Grant Stevens called an emergency meeting on Saturday to discuss tightening the borders with NSW and Victoria in light of the growing number of Omicron COVID cases.

Top state authorities on COVID-19 will consider a range of measures, including changes to travel from NSW, the Capital Territory and Victoria, as new cases continue to emerge.

On Friday there were four new cases in South Australia.

One is linked to a group in Norwood after a school reunion, but a separate locally acquired case is worrisome.

The school is now reuniting 19 infected people.

The so-called “mysterious case” is a woman in her thirties who has spent time in the Port Nuarlunga area.

But how she contracted COVID-19, no one knows.

Health officials have ruled out any links to the Norwood group, and said it has not been infected interstate.

The time she spent in the southern suburbs has raised concerns that more people may be infected.

SA Health urges anyone with even the mildest symptoms in the Onkaparinga council area, including Port Noarlunga and Reynella, to get tested immediately and isolate until a negative result comes back.

‘so nervous’

Deputy Opposition Leader Susan Close said South Australians were feeling “extremely stressed”.

“We know the virus is in the community and it hasn’t been in our community for a very long time,” she said.

There was a delay in the identification of exposure sites.

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On Thursday night, Trinity Medical Center in Port Adelaide was classified as high-risk, but the two-hour exposure window was Tuesday.

By Friday morning, Goodlife Gym in Marion was in the same boat, taking authorities three days to classify it as a close contact site.

The members who trained during Tuesday’s precarious period still didn’t know they needed to be quarantined.

Some of the details that were released were also incorrect.

The typo meant that Goodlife’s initial 13-hour exposure period was subsequently reduced to just one hour.

On Thursday night, a technical issue resulted in an incorrect description of many Victorian LGA’s as high risk, causing consternation in some travelers.

Then, on Friday, the SA Health website was temporarily down.

“I would like to understand if there are sufficient resources for SA Health,” Ms Close said.


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