Cinq hommes arrêtés en Finlande pour un projet d’attentat d’ultra-droite

According to the authorities, these five young men belong to the “acceleration” movement that hopes to unleash the chaos of ethnic conflict.

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Network hit in Finland. Five young men were arrested and detained in Finland because of their show a ‘Alt-Right Attack’ With bombs and firearms, previously unheard of in the Scandinavian country, authorities announced Friday, December 3. These are the first arrests in a far-right terrorist attack in Finland, according to police.

The suspects were arrested on Tuesday and live in Kankanpa, a small town of 13,000 in the southwest of the country. They were brought before a judge on Friday and returned to pretrial detention. Neither the possible target(s) nor the details of the possible modus operandi were disclosed. Police said at a news conference that the five men had been under surveillance since they were first arrested two years ago.

December 2019 searches revealed “A large quantity of firearms, ammunition and explosives”Commissioner Tony Seupelum explained. they show “Extreme right-leaning acceleration”The representative of Sobu Iru Petila explained.

According to far-right experts, “Accelerators” Hope to foment the chaos of inter-ethnic conflict to foment a major uprising among Westerners. Small groups have been identified in many countries, but the movement is recent.

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