Darcie Brown to the fore as Adelaide Strikers storm into WBBL final

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The Melbourne Rebels, with Captain Sophie Molyneux injured, fell into a heap

Adelaide Strikers 1 to 86 (van Niekerk 43) Melbourne wearers 8 to 83 for nine wickets

Talk about peaking in time. On the second night in a row, the Adelaide Strikers offered absolute dominance to book a place in the WBBL Grand Final against Perth Scorcers.

Where it was Amanda-Jade Wellington who stole the show on Tuesday, this victory was prepared by the tailors – especially the gorgeous Darcy Brown – Although Wellington certainly played her part with ball and field.
Everything that could go wrong for apostates he did. They lost their first Josie Dooley ball to a huge Megan Shot inswinger, Courtney Webb backed up and captain Sophie Molineux He wasn’t a putter on foot with a foot injury before the match.

After a shot for the first ball, Brown left a mark on her first pass when she deserted Carly Leeson to midfield as Wellington nearly misjudged him before sprinting forward.

Jemima Rodriguez responded briefly by three limits of a second to Shut but fell into a well-executed plan when she snapped a short ball from Brown to third. Brown will finish her four runs with 18 point balls in another performance to set the agenda.

The wheels came in well and truly for the Renegades when Jess Duffin crushed Wellington halfway, championship player Harmanpreet Kaur played via a straight one against Tahlia McGrath and Webb ran out for a diamond duck when a straight drive cut Wellington’s fingers.

Eve Jones planted Wellington under the ground for six years in a row before running out of a Sarah Coyte direct hit that earned her more than a compensation for a poor performance.

For now, it was clear there was a problem with Molineux as she kept going back on the request and coach Simon Helmet confirmed to the host broadcaster that she was playing through the pain and they were hoping she wouldn’t have to put up. Molyneux, who was reluctant to take her step to deliver, was taken for 22 times.

The lower system was able to see how the 20 increased but there was no damage to the attackers who sent 68 points off the balls.

Chasing was likely to always be a formality, and the only major warning came through fear of injury when Dane van Niekerk took a hit on the gauntlet in a reverse sweep. She responded with two strokes and then six to allay many fears.

Katie Mack, in the shape of her life, has racked up her championships over 500 times as she once again remains unbeaten.

Andrew McGlashan is Deputy Editor-in-Chief at ESPNcricinfo

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