Eric Zemmour dévoile son affiche de campagne et son slogan

Eric Zemmour revealed, on Friday evening, his campaign poster, accompanied by his slogan: “Impossible is not French.” An announcement comes a few days after his candidacy was formalized and before a fateful meeting.

A few days after formally applying for Presidential electionA video on YouTube sparked controversyAnd two days before the crucial meeting, Eric Zemmour presented his campaign poster.

Poster to make yourself the boss

This poster contains Napoleon’s phrase, “Impossible is not French.” No wonder you learn that the former polemic loves references to the emperor. A way for him to place his campaign in the continuity of the history of France which he particularly loves. As for the image of the candidate, the strategy is classic: in the foreground, he looks the French in the eyes, which was not so in his video. It is presidential to the fullest.

Last detail, an olive branch sliding between “Eric Zemmour” and “2022” below the label. An allusion to the candidate’s origins, because the barbarian zemur means … an olive tree.

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In the video- The Zamori youth in order, the battle behind their “hero”:

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