JLR worker killed his girlfriend by stabbing and running her over

A Jaguar Land Rover worker who stabbed, strangled and ran over his girlfriend during a psychotic episode of murder has been acquitted after he confessed to manslaughter.

University student Lauren Bloomer sustained more than 30 stab wounds in the attack by Jake Notman after he ate a cannabis cake at their home in Bingley Avenue, Tamworth, Staffordshire on November 20 last year, WalesOnline Reports.

The 27-year-old, who worked at the Solihull car factory, pleaded guilty to murder during the sixth day of his trial today (Wednesday, November 24) after prosecutors decided not to provide any further evidence for the murder allegation.

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The trial at Stafford Crown Court heard that Miss Plumer “recorded her murder” on a mobile phone after seeking advice online about Nottman’s “weed trip”.

During the opening of the trial last week, prosecutor Deborah Gould told the jury that Miss Bloomer began recording what was happening “like something out of the movie Scream.”

Ms Gold told the court: “This shows the defendant starting to attack Lauren Bloomer with his bare hands at first.

“She was just trying to take care of him in this state of turmoil with cannabis.

“At the beginning of the recording, you hear her laughing and the accused accuses her of laughing at him,” he added.

The jury heard that about nine minutes into the 17-minute recording, Notman began to become aggressive and a minute later Miss Plumer could be heard saying “please help me” to his aunt on a call to Aunt Notman made on a second phone.

Ms Gold added: “There is something beyond doubt in the defendant’s behavior that prompted Lauren to start recording on this mobile phone.

The audio recording records Lauren’s cries and her calls for help.

The tape heard Nottman say “I’ll make sure” before hearing the screeching engine and running over Miss Bloomer with his Ford Kuga.

The defendant’s neighbors were seen running over his partner’s body and he did not take any steps to help her before returning home.

He called 999 at 1.32 a.m., saying he was “told that I killed my girlfriend.”

Over the course of five police interviews, Notman did not comment, instead making a statement saying that the hemp cake, the first piece he had ever eaten, contained something other than cannabis.

At the start of the trial, the defense attorney said Notman had suffered a “very flowery psychiatric episode during which he had completely lost touch with reality and had become completely delusional.”

Prosecutor Ben Douglas Jones W.K. Explaining the decision not to provide evidence for the murder charge: “The three experts agree that based on the evidence, including the recording, the defendant’s psychological reaction to cannabis is so deep that he cannot discern what was real and what was not.

In particular, he couldn’t discern whether Lorraine Bloomer was alive or dead, real or not.

“In other words, he couldn’t discern whether he was with another human being or not.”

“The Crown has reviewed the evidence at a high level within the Public Prosecution Office and has carefully concluded that it is not possible to continue with the murder charge.”

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