LCBO tells customers to ‘shop early’ for the holidays amid supply chain issues |

The Ontario Liquor Control Board (LCBO) Customers are being asked to “shop early” and “be flexible” during the holidays this year amid supply chain issues.

In a statement sent to Global News, Nick Nanos, LCBO’s chief supply chain officer, said the stores would still have a “fantastic selection” of international products and local beer, wine and spirits.

But Nanos advised customers to try to buy what they want early and if their favorite item is not in stock, try something new.

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“Our knowledgeable staff is available in-store to help make alternative choices and provide a reminder of convenient online shopping options,” Nano said.

“We appreciate our customers’ continued patience if they notice product is sometimes unavailable.”

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LCBO Previously warned of supply chain releases earlier this fall, including regarding shipping containers, which accounted for about a third of LCBO’s inventory shortfall.

“As we go into the busiest time of the year there are naturally going to be some products that are in greater demand over others and with all the global supply chain issues happening around the world, it’s not really surprising that some products are coming in that are in demand,” said Andrew von Teichmann, president of The Ontario Beverage Association, a regional “out of stock” trade association.

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“You’re likely to see products that you normally would like that aren’t necessarily available at the right time, and that day they may only be in that store where they’re not on the shelf, but it can also be linked to supply chain issues.

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“So I’d say the big message for Ontario consumers is just to be patient and open-minded, and look for other products in a similar category that might be new to you, but interesting to try.”

Champagne and sparkling products in particular may be in short supply during the holidays, Tishman said.

He added that this could be a good opportunity to try products from local suppliers as they may have less difficulty getting to the shelves.

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