Le pape dénonce l’esclavage et la torture des migrants

“It reminds us of the history of the last century, of the Nazis, the history of Stalin, and one wonders how it could have happened. But what once happened is happening today on the neighboring coasts,” the pope fired in a long improvisation during an ecumenical prayer period with immigrantsOn the second day of his visit to Cyprus.

“There are places of torture, people being sold. I say this because my responsibility is to open my eyes,” he said. Sovereign Pope In front of 250 people gathered at the Church of the Holy Cross in Nicosia, located a few meters from the buffer zone administered by the United Nations. “We are watching what happens, and the worst thing is that we are used to it. Getting used to it is a very dangerous disease! There are no antibiotics against it,” he said. He added during a long improvisation at the end of his work. Speech once again condemns the “culture of indifference”.

They found a wall of hate in front of them.

Faced with the “suffering” of “so many people we have exploited,” François stood against the “war of hate,” and criticized “those who prevent refugees from entering and who ask for fraternity, help, and happiness.” “They run away from hate and find a wall of hate in front of them (…) We cannot be silent and look elsewhere in the face of this culture of indifference,” he said, seeing in this fact “the history of this developed society that we call the West.” & …

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