Les parents du tireur du Michigan inculpés pour homicides involontaires

According to the prosecutor, this tragedy “should have been avoided.” Teenagers’ parents Who opened fire on Tuesday Four suspects were charged Friday with manslaughter, Oakland County Prosecutor Karen MacDonald said at a northern US high school.

In the process, the authorities made it clear that the parents, who had to go before a judge, were actively wanted. Sheriff Michael Bouchard told CNN that they had stopped communicating with their lawyers “which is an indication of their intent to flee.” The FBI is mobilized.

“lol, i’m not angry”

Ethan Curmbley, 15, “is the one who got into high school and pulled the trigger” but “other people contributed to this event and I intend to hold them accountable,” the attorney general said.

Four days before the shooting, James and Jennifer Curmbley bought their son’s Sig Sauer semi-automatic pistol and kept it in an unlocked nightstand drawer. The day before the tragedy, the teenager was caught by a teacher searching for ammunition on the Internet. After being warned by the institution, her mother told her via text message, “Lol, I’m not angry, you just have to learn not to get caught.”

“My thoughts don’t want to stop”

On the morning of the shooting, the parents were called to high school as an emergency because their son had just pulled out a gun and someone was shot dead, a sketch with the message “Blood is everywhere.” My thoughts do not want to stop. Help me.” The teachers told them they would ask for a psychiatric evaluation. The prosecutor said that the parents then refused to take their son home, did not search his bag and asked him if he had brought a weapon.

A few hours later, shortly after noon, Ethan Curmbley came out of the bathroom with a gun in his hands. “Cold and methodically” he shot thirty times, killing four high school students and wounding six others, as well as a teacher. he has In particular he was accused About “assassinations” and “terrorist act”.

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