Margaux Pinot publie une photo et ne comprend pas la relaxe d’Alain Schmitt

On his Twitter account, Pinot posted a photo of his swollen face and three messages.
“During the night from Saturday to Sunday, I was the victim of an assault in my house by my companion and coach,
The Olympic champion writes for mixed teams at the Tokyo Olympics. I was insulted and punched, and my head hit the ground several times. Finally strangled. “

“I thought I was dying, She completes. I have several injuries including a broken nose and 10 days of temporary layoff. Today the justice decided to release him. What is the value of their blatant defense against my wounds and the blood that splattered on the floor of my apartment? What was missing? Death in the end perhaps? Perhaps it was judo that saved me. “

Hardcore Agbégnénou

At the bar on Tuesday night, Alan Schmidt, 38, questioned the accusations. “I didn’t put a punch or a ball on him, Release. These ruins are the places we bumped into. And if it’s there all over it, it’s because we bumped into a lot. “

The launch that Alan Schmidt got also elicited a reaction from Clarice Agpegnio. “I don’t have the words to express all that is going on in my head and body as a woman in the face of what my teammate Margot Pinot went through, Published double gold medalist at the Tokyo Olympics. I was shocked by the court’s decision. What does it take to fall penalties, and death? “

For its part, the Public Prosecution Office in Bobigny decided to appeal the release of Alan Schmidt.


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