Mort de Rémi Fraisse à Sivens : l’Etat condamné à indemniser la famille

A few days after the death of Remy Farisa, who was killed by a bomb thrown by a gendarme, the government stopped the use of these bombs by the police, before banning them permanently after several months.

The state will have to compensate the family of Remy as prey. This is what the Administrative Court of Toulouse decided on Thursday 25 November.

After exhausting criminal justice remedies, the family of a 21-year-old botanist who was murdered in 2014 in Tarn by a grenade thrown by a gendarme wanted to “recognize the responsibility of the state”.

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In addition to the request for commitment to state responsibility, the family of Remy Fries – his father, mother, sister and grandmothers asked for 75,000 euros in compensation for moral damage inflicted on them. “It is a symbolic sum that we requested, because in any case (the death of a child) is invaluable,” the young family’s lawyer, Etienne Noel, confirmed, however, considering it “ridiculous” the amount three or four times less offered to the court by the General Rapporteur.

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