NASA launches DART on planetary defence trial

by Gareth Jennings

The United States is now monitoring European efforts to develop a new medium-lift helicopter capability to replace the Merlin fleet (pictured) and other helicopter types from the mid-2030s. (Janes/Patrick Allen)

The United States has been added to the list of countries observing NATO’s Next Generation Helicopter (NGRC) effort to develop a new vertical lift platform.

The move sees the United States join two other European nations in NATO as observers in the program geared to replace a group of NATO nations and the global center-lifting helicopters from the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) announced at the Berlin Security Conference (BSC) 2021 mid thirties.

The participating countries are France, Germany, Greece and Italy, led by the United Kingdom. Stacy Cummings, director general of the NSPA, noted at the BSC 2021 conference, which opened on November 24, that Spain, the Netherlands and the United States are observer countries. “[The NSPA is] Searching for solutions to build a multinational fleet that meets the needs of countries and enhances operability.”

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