New photo appears to show Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at the Queen’s residence, a visit likely facilitated by Prince Andrew

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell pictured as evidence at Maxwell’s trial.US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York

  • It appears that Jessalyn Maxwell’s photo with Jeffrey Epstein was taken at a royal home.

  • The photograph, which was used as evidence at Maxwell’s trial, matches a log cabin in Balmoral, Scotland.

  • Epstein and Maxwell visited Balmoral, an extensive royal estate, at the invitation of Prince Andrew in 1999.

A set of photographs presented at the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell includes a photograph of her and Jeffrey Epstein relaxing at what appears to be the royal residence of Queen Elizabeth in the Scottish Highlands.

US prosecutors showed the photos in court In an attempt to prove the affinity between Maxwell and Epstein’s relationship – which Maxwell’s lawyers and her brother They sought to belittle themselves.

Maxwell accused of trafficking little girls For Epstein, she abused herself. Epstein, a registered sex offender, committed suicide in prison before being tried on several sex trafficking charges.

Maxwell’s defense team, who pleaded not guilty, argued that she had become a scapegoat in Epstein’s place.

The newly discovered image shows Maxwell smiling and staring into the distance as she relaxes in Epstein’s arms on the cabin balcony. It appears to be the same building seen in this photo:

Large log cabin seen through trees in Balmoral.

Photograph of a fishing lodge on the banks of the River Dee at Balmoral Manor, seen in the 1990s.Tim Graham photo archive via Getty Images

The image showing Maxwell and Epstein had no date specified when entered as evidence.

It can be dated back to 1999, when Epstein and his “entourage” were invited to Balmoral, the Queen of Scots’ estate, by Prince Andrew. Quoting an anonymous woman who said she joined the flight, The Daily Mail reported Epstein went to Balmoral as part of a week-long trip to the UK.

Epstein’s case brought renewed attention to Andrews’ friendship for 20 years With the disgraced financier.

Andrew, who is the same Accused of sexual assault by one of Epstein’s victims, is not accused of wrongdoing in the Maxwell case and said he regrets being associated with Epstein.

Located in Balmoral on the banks of the River Dee, the cabin is a popular fishing spot, and was a gift to the Queen’s mother, who was also known as Queen Elizabeth. As Prince William and Kate Middleton used it before their marriage, According to the post.

It is unclear whether the Queen will be present at Epstein and Maxwell’s visit, which the Mail reported likely took place in the summer. The Queen often spends most of the summer at Balmoral.

Picture of the Queen and her companion sitting in the same place on the balcony of the cabin It has been widely reposted Since the Maxwell and Epstein picture has been released.

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