Pegasus : enquête ouverte après l’espionnage de diplomates américains

a After what was revealed by the press, the company NSO Group? Spyware maker Pegasus? Friday, December 3, it announced the opening of an internal investigation after learning that its program may have been involved in spying on US diplomats in Africa. According to the press, the concerned diplomats had received a message on their phones telling them that their devices had been contaminated by the program, which could eavesdrop on its user and recover all the data.

The NSO Group indicated in a letter toFrance Press agency They have already suspended potential clients affected “due to the severity of the charges”, without identifying them. The group asserts that it has not “currently received any information, telephone number or indication that NSO software has been used in this work”. But he says he is willing to “cooperate with any competent government authority and share all the information in his possession”.

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