Sarah Snook on one of her favourite Succession scenes to film

It’s a sight that really surprised many fans, and Sarah Snook reveals what Schiff had in mind.

Beloved by audiences and critics, the Caliphate has been praised for its intricate narration of stories about a very wealthy family and the depths they will dive to control their trading empire.

Led and manipulated by Patriarch Logan Roy, his adult children Chef, Kendall, Roman, and Connor spend most of their waking hours trying to gain an advantage – and thus their father’s love so desperately longs for him.

One day someone’s fortunes rise, and the next day someone else’s fortunes rise.

This season, Schiff, the only daughter of the Roy clan, has been hit by a stormy arc and – until now – appointed chief before being sidelined by her less wise brother, Roman.

The personal toll of Schiff’s quest is seen through many scenes, but one in particular was revealed by Australian actress Sarah Snook, As part of the AACTA ScreenfestIt was her favorite scene to shoot – and there’s not even any dialogue.

The scene in question takes place in the third episode of the current season, right after another episode in which Shiv is publicly humiliated by Kendall after he spoiled her first speech as Waystar President Royco.

When I started to speak, many of the speakers Kendall created surreptitiously began to explode nirvana raped me, in an inaccurate reference to the cruise scandal the company has been implicated in.

Schiff steps into Kendall’s vacant office, sees evidence implicating him, picks up his notebook and then spits in it. It is very frivolous and very revealing.

“Well, it’s like what are you doing?” Snook explained. “Schiff was publicly humiliated by her brother in a moment I think she was really looking forward to.

She is not appointed as CEO at this point, but she does hold that title as Chair. She is someone who uses all the resources she can to understand power or influence. It has been undermined in the most fraternal bull species.

“What do you make of that? You can do nothing but reciprocate.

“It was one of my favorite scenes to film, and definitely one of my favorite scenes to read when we got the draft—”Then I did what?! What is the covid protocol for this?! “

Revealed back in the day, Snook revealed that production has released an extended version of the scene where Shiv kicks empty stereo boxes and destroys the room before spitting into Kendall’s book.

But eventually the filmmakers chose to quickly move to the stereo box, making Schiff’s spit the primary focus.

For Snook, this scene highlights the way Succession He portrays these extremely rich personalities as flawed and weak.

“We don’t often see rich people dealing with human chaos and dirt and filth, which is also why it’s so cool to see Romans masturbate on the window and then wipe it off. It’s human and sad.”

“That’s why it’s fun to see Schiff, who’d otherwise be wearing the turtleneck, spit, and there’s just something fundamental about it.”

Snook, who received an Emmy nomination for her performance in Succession, delves into the details of her most famous character, how she looks behind the scenes on current television’s most respected series, and the instances in which she still suffers from stage fright, in a question-and-answer session for AACTA Screenfest, available for everyone to stream.

Screenfest is a virtual festival presented by a leading Australian non-profit organization championing screen culture. Russell Crowe is the current president of AACTA.

This year is the second year that Screenfest is taking place, and it will also include sessions white lotusMurray Bartlett and Exploring Behind the Scenes of Dune With cinematographer Greg Fraser.

AACTA Screenfest starts today and is free to sign up and stream.

The back-to-back is available on Foxtel On Demand with new episodes on Monday

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