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Famous Ghostbusters Intervention Vehicle Ecto-1: One of the many relics discovered in Ghostbusters: The Legacy, by Jason Reitman.

IThere are external phenomena that Hollywood strives to summon for our deadliest boredom. zozos Ghostbusters are part of. The huge success of 1984, carried by the tube by Ray Parker Jr. and chorus that would poison our MTV years (“Who would you call? Ghostbusters!”), the first Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters Become in less time than it takes to say “Boo!” “A major cultural phenomenon that spanned decades. Animated series, video games (more than twenty in 35 years!), comics, books, not to mention two mediocre incarnations in cinema? A direct sequel in 1989 and a disastrous female reboot in 2016? In short, the ghost hunters did not stop hunting us, which was much better for the patrons. After the critical and commercial permutation of Ghostbusters Written by Paul Feig, with the quartet Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones instead of the four males of institutional opus, we’ve fantasized about ourselves in a shelter for a few years. Missed.

An iconic (and highly sympathetic) film of carefree America in the mid-1980s, led by Musketeers Bill Murray-Harold Ramis– Dan Aykroyd – Ernie Hudson, never dethroned in the hearts of fans, Ghostbusters It still serves as a fuel column for nostalgia for our sad times in search of new legends. Five years after a failed restart, Columbia /Sony Thus, he finally comes out of his pocket to share everything: a Ghostbusters Who, this time, a concert […] read more

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