Text reveals Kardashian ex Tristan Thompson wanted abortion

A lawsuit against NBA player Tristan Thompson – Khloe Kardashian’s ex-partner – has revealed shocking new developments in baby boomers.

NBA star Tristan Thompson wanted his young mother, coach Marley Nichols, to have an abortion after learning she was pregnant, according to court documents.

Nichols, through her attorney, filed a legal request to send text messages allegedly sent between her and Thompson as evidence of the paternity suit against him.

Nichols sues Sacramento Kings player for child support despite the fact that her child has not yet been born, according to daily Mail.

The baby was allegedly born on Thompson’s 30th birthday in March, when he and Khloe Kardashian were still dating.

In the order you got New York PostNichols claims he wants her to terminate the pregnancy.

This shocking accusation comes just hours after the Sacramento Kings player was revealed He is allegedly expecting a third child.

Documents submitted to the court claim: “It is also clear from the context and substance of this correspondence that she is from Tristan to Marali, reflecting that Tristan addresses the relationship of the parties, and even with regard to her pregnancy she insists that it is the abortion and the threat that she will get almost nothing with lower support requirements in Texas “.

The document states that Thompson denied sending any of the messages but also claims that his “contact information is contained in the messages”.

Nichols’ attorney declined to comment.

Nichols, who has moved from Houston to Los Angeles, is due to give birth this week.

Thompson admitted to having sex with Nichols multiple times at a hotel after the couple attended a party together, according to an announcement included in the file.

He submitted a request asking her to take a paternity test in July. As of November 15, she had not taken the test, but in a later filing he said he would pay child support if the child was him.

However, Thompson claims that that night was the only time he was intimate with Nichols, but Nichols’ attorneys claimed that their relationship began at least “five months” before his 30th birthday and Nichols was involved in traveling to California on multiple occasions and continued after she became pregnant.

Kardashian was also mentioned in his statement, which was signed on August 5, and referred to as Thompson’s “ex-girlfriend” and mother to his child, True Thompson.

Thompson also has a four-year-old son, Prince Thompson, with former model Jordan Craig, 30.

In November, Thompson filed an emergency order of secrecy and requested that the file be closed.

According to the documents, a secrecy order was granted, but his request to close the records was denied.

Kardashian and Thompson broke up after Instagram model Sydney Chase came forward and claimed in an April interview that he slept with her in the fall.

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