Vente de Noël : à -30%, ce stock de PS5 est une pure folie 🔥

Finding a stock PS5 is almost a miracle in 2021. While it was officially out over a year ago, nothing helps. Sony can’t produce enough to meet demand. According to the company’s data, it will not be able to meet the demand before 2023. So it will be necessary to be patient and jump on the few flash sales by then.

From 10:00 a.m. Friday, December 3It’s SFR that’s offering a stock of a few hundred PS5’s. If you absolutely want to get a PlayStation 5 before the Christmas holidays, this is a great opportunity. It will certainly be necessary to subscribe to a fund in place, but you have two advantages: 1) It will cost you about 30% cheaper and 2) You have guaranteed free delivery next week.

I take the offer

Even on Black Friday, PS5 stock was minimal. The French are far from satisfied and in distress. While the standard console costs 499 euros, some buy them on the black market for more than 1,500 euros each. Instead of breaking the bank, you can also take advantage of this excellent offer offered by SFR from 10:00 am on Friday.

The principle is as follows: You subscribe to the SFR Power Box and in return, your ISP gives you access to their stock PS5. This is an exclusive offer only offered by SFR in its scope. No other operator does. Additionally, online merchants such as Amazon or Cdiscount will not have any PS5 in stock before Christmas.

One last chance to get PS5 before Christmas

In the face of enthusiasm for this new Sony console, the public remains unsatisfied. Only ten million units have been produced while more than one hundred million users are waiting for the PS5 to be stocked. In France, the frustration is great especially as those who own the console praise its exceptional performance. If you want to enjoy gaming, SFR is the only solution.

If you want to get the PS5 before Christmas, then you’ll have to go through the SFR chest. You’re in luck, his show is very exciting for several reasons. You will first get the PS5. But then you will often have a discounted price on the console. Finally, it comes with an internet (and fiber) box that ensures you top speed to enjoy all the performance of your Sony console.

For those who want to have the best experience with PS5, it will be necessary to have a good internet speed. That’s exactly what SFR has to offer with this offering that combines the two. Contrary to what you might think, changing your Internet box is easy: you only need a few minutes to perform the migration. Note that your ISP will reimburse you up to €100 for the termination fee.

We’ve already said that PS5 stock is down. So you have to hurry to fill out the form to take advantage of the PlayStation 5 console. As long as you haven’t submitted the full order, you won’t be able to guarantee that you own the new Sony console. must therefore Be ready at exactly 10:00 AM on Friday When the sale opens so you don’t miss the boat.

To discover this PS5, it’s available here:

I take the offer

To get this PlayStation stock you have to take the SFR Power chest. This is the most complete and powerful formula in FAI. So you will have the best speed so as not to hurt your PS5 connected to the Wi-Fi here, the speed goes up to 1 Gbit/s for download and 500 Mbit/s for transmission. You will also have unlimited calls and 200 TV channels with a 4K decoder. This is the best product out there, it’s perfect for playing PlayStation 5.

PlayStation Exclusive in SFR

At first glance, SFR isn’t the first player we can think of to buy a PS5. However, the operator has already given us two similar offers in the past. Either way, the flash sale ended within hours. It’ll be the same on Friday, December 3, 2021. Those who totally want a holiday console know this is their last chance.

For this sale there are two keyboards available. The thing that will affect the storm is the PS5 Standard which allows you to play with physical discs. This is not the case with the PS5 Digital Edition that comes without a drive. However, it is €100 cheaper and offers the same performance. If you don’t want to leave your games lying around (and if you don’t want to resell them), you can also use this dematerialized copy.

In any case, you won’t have a lot of options with this stock PS5, and it will be up and running very quickly. So it is very likely that you will have to undo the few units still in stock. We can only advise you to go to the SFR location and prepare (if you arrive before 10:00 AM) so you don’t miss out on this sale. The counter displays the time remaining until display. So it will be necessary to refresh the page at that time, click the button and validate the purchase as soon as possible.

As always, the general public is looking forward to the PS5 stock. For those who want to enjoy the latest and most popular games (Spiderman…), this is a unique opportunity. You can get the classic PS5 for 341 euros while the digital version is 241 euros. Their official price is 499 and 399 euros, respectively.

Show starts on PS5 at 10:00 AM here:

I take the offer

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