Vous réussissez ce test en moins de 60 secondes ? Votre cœur est en bonne santé

New research confirms that a simple test that must be performed is highly effective in assessing an individual’s heart health.

Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective. Electrocardiogram, angiogram, or MRI, there are a range of tests to eliminate a heart problem. But for some time now, cardiologists have also relied on the ladder test, which is based on climbing stairs in less than 60 seconds. New research from the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) confirms the effectiveness of this method.

As part of this research, 165 participants who had coronary heart disease had to walk and then run on a treadmill. Intense exercise allowed the researchers to measure the intensity of physical activity and energy expenditure of each participant in metabolic equivalents (task equivalent metabolism, or MET). The higher the intensity of the activity, the greater the number of meteors.

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Second, the volunteers went up four steps on the ladder, about sixty steps in total. Their time was compared to their metabolic equivalent. RESULTS: Those who could climb stairs in less than 45 seconds had a dead scale between 9 and 10. Studies have already shown that this score is associated with a lower mortality rate, 10% at 10 years. By contrast, those who took more than a minute to climb stairs had an MET of less than 8, which is associated with a 30% mortality rate at 10 years.

“If it takes more than a minute to climb four flights of stairs, your health is not optimal when you visit a doctor,” advises study author Dr. Jesus Petero, a cardiologist at the University Hospital of A Coruña in Spain.

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